Crystallum Clay Shales chardonnay 2021

Crystallum Clay Shales chardonnay 2021

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This chardonnay comes from a single vineyard with a unique location in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley. This vineyard is on the one hand protected by the shadow of the mountains, at a great height above sea level and also very close to the ocean, which cools and tempers the temperatures. The name 'Clay Shales' derives from the typical clay and shale in the soil. The sum of the unique location and the top soil provide insanely great wines with Grand Cru allures.

This chardonnay definitely asks for some extra oxygen after opening, especially in its youth. Use a wide carafe and possibly wider wine glasses and give the wine some time to show all its qualities. This wine tastes and smells particularly intense and powerful, yet its greatest quality lies in the subtlety and variety of the different aromas. The spontaneous fermentation of this wine takes place in large casks after pressing of the entire bunches, aged for 10 months after fermentation. Enjoy this great wine with great dishes and even better company!


Domain: Crystallum
Grape: Chardonnay
Country: South Africa
Region: Overberg
Wine style: full-bodied white wine
Wine & food: Grilled turbot with Béarnaise, Bresse chicken, partridge
Serving temperature: 12°C, carafe in its youth
Store: consume < 18 years
Content: 75 cl

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