Old Conynsbergh auxerrois 2018

Old Conynsbergh auxerrois 2018

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The wines of Oud Conynsbergh are made in and around the municipality of Boechout on four unique vineyard areas, which are known to have had vineyards since the Middle Ages.

The project originated from a dream of 8 friends in 2011 and is already showing itself as one of the most ambitious and precise wine domains in Flanders.

The auxerrois is made for purity and freshness on stainless steel tanks. The grapes for this wine come from the vineyards on the Mussenhoeve, which is characterized by a slightly warmer sandy loam soil with fossils. This wine exudes purity and elegance with aromas of stone fruits and citrus. In the mouth the wine tastes very fresh, but with soft and intertwined acidity.

Domain: Old Conynsbergh
Grape: auxerrois
Country: Belgium
Region: Boechout, Antwerp
Wine style: fresh white wine
Wine & food: asparagus à la flamande, salad with smoked salmon and raw onion
Serving temperature: 10°C
Storage: consume < 3 years
Content: 75 cl

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