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Clos d'Opleeuw 2021

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Clos d'Opleeuw is the wine project of talented winemaker Peter Colemont. The Clos d'Opleeuw (1 ha) vineyard takes its name from the entire wall, which dates from ± 1840. This wall makes this piece of vineyard unique in Belgium and ensures a specific microclimate that makes it possible to make a quality Chardonnay wine. The vineyard is located on a southern slope in the beautiful, picturesque, Haspengouw village of Gors-Opleeuw. Peter only applies the finest vinification techniques, as also happens with great wines from Burgundy. The wine is aged for one year in oak barrels of the highest quality. We work with both French and Belgian oak. This wine stands out for its strong velvety character. At a young age he possesses clear notes of oak. Still, there is more than enough freshness and fruitiness left. In addition, we taste aromas of butter, vanilla, toast and a variation of white and yellow fruit. The concentration, fullness and nice aftertaste are excellent with various shellfish and fish dishes that are prepared with a somewhat firmer sauce. Serve in a Burgundy glass and preferably at cellar temperature. A Belgian top wine, very limited available, which should not be missing in our quirky selection. health!

Domain: Clos d'Opleeuw
Grape: chardonnay
Country: Belgium
Region: Haspengouw
Wine style: full white
Wine & food: baked turbot with beurre blanc
Serving temperature: 12°C
Store: consume < 10 years
Content: 75 cl

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