Domaine de Bellefontaine 2018 Brut

Domaine de Bellefontaine 2018 Brut

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The special Cuvée from domaine de Bellefontaine is a sparkling to say the least. This bubble is made only from the solaris grape and will last no less than 16 months "sur lattes". This provides the necessary complexity and depth. To get the bubbles in the bottle, one speaks of a 'méthode traditionelle', as with champagne. When smelling we notice some agrum, citrus and white stone fruit. In the mouth, a fuller attack that flows into a perfect balance between citrus, orange zest and a floral elegant undertone. The fresh acids and the fine sparkle finish it off. This bubble is an extra brut without added sugar. This is a Belgian party in your glass that we can be justifiably proud of. We can only congratulate Bruno and Marianne with this result. Place in the fridge half an hour before consumption and serve in an elegant flute glass. Vive la Belgium! health!

Domain: Domaine de Bellefontaine
Grape: solaris
Country: Belgium
Region: Luxembourg (BE)
Wine style: bubbles
Wine & food: aperitif, smoked trout, oysters, smoked salmon
Serving temperature: 8°C
Storage: consume < 2 years
Content: 75 cl

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