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Domaine du Chêne Decastell'o blanc 2021

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With this white Decastell'o', Domaine du Chêne has a wine produced from chardonnay and a little bit of muscat grape. Sylvain Ozil dares to experiment and managed to plant these grapes in a unique terroir, where they give the best of themselves and reflect the typical character of the region in the glass. This wine from the Cévennes gives us floral notes on the nose, in combination with ripe pear and white stone fruit. In the glass, the fruity notes and the elegant acidity come to the fore. In the aftertaste we are rewarded with a balanced wine full of finesse. health!

Domain: Domaine du Chêne
Grape: 95% chardonnay, 5% muscat
Country: France
Region: Cevennes
Wine style: full white wine
Wine & food: tomato-shrimp, steamed cod 'Florentine', salmon tartare
Serving temperature: 12°C
Storage: consume < 3 years
Content: 75 cl

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