Heymann-Löwenstein Schieferterraces 2019

Heymann-Löwenstein Schieferterraces 2019

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Heymann-Löwenstein scores highly with these shale terraces. This Riesling wine from vines that were already planted in 1980 gives a lot of depth. The top floor of slate and some silex in the substrate provide a lot of finesse. In summer, the slate reflects back the heat they absorb during the day  at night. This ensures an even maturation and the silex provides a fine and rich mineral undertone. The wine gives us in the nose ripe notes of apricot, ripe nectarine and silex scents. When tasting, we are overwhelmed by ripe notes of pear and apple and a mineral aftertaste that lingers for a long time. This wine is definitely special, but oh so elegant and fine. This is without a doubt divine drink. health!

Domain : Heymann-Löwenstein
Grape : Riesling
Country : Germany
Region : Mosel
Wine style : fresh white
Wine & food : creamy cheeses, seafood, Thai cuisine, vegetarian dish of seasonal vegetables and spices
Serving temperature : 10°C
Storage : 20 years
Content : 75 cl

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