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Rias Baixas is located in the northwest of Spain, close to the Portuguese border. This wine region located in Galicia is one of the best in white wine production. This region lies close to the Atlantic Ocean which has a few clefts dividing the region, these are called rias hence the name of the region. The landscape is rich with many slopes and a rich planting of eucalyptus trees and of course small vineyards planted with albariño, this wine comes from the sub-region Val do Salnés. The wine has scents in the nose of freshly cut grass and lime and a floral undertone with herbs. In the mouth we are rewarded with a fresh, tight wine that has notes of lime, zest of orange and finely balanced acidity. This wine is a perfect marriage with shellfish and crustaceans or with our own Belgian white asparagus. This wine dances in your glass and in the mouth it makes you long for more. health!

Domain: Bodegas Penafiel
Grape: albarino
Country: Spain
Region: Rias Baixas
Wine style: fresh white wine
Wine & food: shellfish and crustaceans, white asparagus with smoked salmon, smoked eel
Serving temperature: 10°C
Store: consume < 4 years
Content: 75 cl

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