Monteberg Kerner 2021

Monteberg Kerner 2021

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Kerner is one of the first grapes to be planted in our West Flemish wine region. It is a grape that was originally crossed from Riesling and Trollinger. It has many of the characteristics of the Riesling, but is slightly softer in terms of acidity and somewhat more aromatic, which makes it extremely suitable for achieving good results in our cooler and humid climate.

This kerner immediately charms you with an aromatic and slightly exotic nose and gives you a tight feeling in the mouth due to the fresh acids. This wine goes wonderfully with pure and fresh dishes such as raw oysters or a ceviche of sea bass and is therefore a white wine with gastronomic potential as the first wine on the menu. health!

Domain: domain Monteberg
Grape: kerner
Country: Belgium
Region: Hill Country
Wine style: fresh white wine
Wine & food: tomato shrimp, sea bass ceviche, raw oysters
Serving temperature: 8 °C
Storage: consume < 2 years
Content: 75 cl

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