Terres de Velle Auxey-Duresses Les Closeaux 2021

Terres de Velle Auxey-Duresses Les Closeaux 2021

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Superb pinot noir from the vineyard 'Les Closeaux', located in the lesser-known commune of Auxey-Duresses. The vineyard is also often called 'le Petit Clos' in the municipality because of the stone wall around the vineyard of only 0.77 hectares. The soil is characterized by a combination of clay and slightly larger pebbles, which provides the pinot noir with a slightly cooler, yet well-drained soil. Usually the last vineyard to be picked for its freshness, this is also invariably expressed in the glass as a bomb of juicy red berries, silky tannins and a slim, refreshing acidity. After vinification in stainless steel, this wine is matured in French oak, of which 20% of the wine gets new oak barrels.

Domain: Terres de Velle
Grape: Pinot Noir
Country: France
Region: Burgundy
Wine style: elegant red
Wine & food: baked veal loin with confit shallot, salad with dried beef (bresaola), beef tartare
Serving temperature: 14 °C

Store: consume < 10 years

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