The perfect serve - Santé Gin & Tonic

Santé Gin brings you the essence of a gin with top quality raw materials, distilled by top professionals. This gin has been developed according to our ideology of how a Gin should taste and be, based on juniper berries and FRESH citrus fruits such as kafir and bergamot. This Gin was developed by us together with the much-praised Bruges Gin Society.

Discover here our perfect serves with the Santé Gin. The combination of our Gin with different tonics has been extensively tested and tasted together with master bartender Hannes Desmedt , you will find the best combination here.

The Perfect Serve

50 ml Santé Wines Gin
100 ml Schweppes Original Premium Mixer*

Served in an elegant wine glass or wide long drink with lots of ice
Garnish with fine zest of organic lemon

*after extensive tasting, we opted for the authentic and original premium tonic from Schweppes. If you choose a different tonic, choose one WITHOUT added flavors, this obscures the quality of the Gin.


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