Terra Vina Vignes de Bonaval

Terra Vina Vignes de Bonaval

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This sparkling wine is vinified from the Gamay and Poulsard grape. These are planted on clay and limestone soils and on south-facing flanks, with no less than 7200 vines per hectare. As a result, the vine needs to get its nutrition quite deeply and you get a unique character in the glass. After pressing, the gravy goes into a closed stainless steel cuve and a natural pressure is created. Afterwards, the wine is bottled and the wine ferments in the bottle until we arrive at 8% alcohol. In the nose many aromas of ripe forest fruits and floral notes. When tasting, we experience a delicious sparkle that caresses our tongue, in combination with rich aromas of raspberry, wild strawberry and dried rose petals. This is a delicious thirst-quenching sparkling that you best place in the fridge for an hour before enjoying. Serve in a flute glass and share is the message. Party guaranteed. health!

Domain: Alliance Terra Vina
Grape: gamay, poulsard
Country: France
Region: Bugey
Wine style: bubbles
Wine & food: aperitif, smoked trout rilette, dish with southern vegetables, Thai cuisine, festive, dessert with fresh fruits
Serving temperature: 10°C
Storage: consume < 2 years
Content: 75 cl

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