Wine dinners

Wine & Dine 2023

We organize various wine dinners throughout the year. During these wine dinners, together with one of our partners, we put a number of wine domains in the spotlight, sometimes even with the presence of the winemaker himself.

We always provide an all-in dinner with different wines from our range. This way you get to know different wines and you can also order these wines afterwards.

The dinners are always limited in terms of availability, in order to keep the quality and explanation as personal as possible.

Thursday, March 30 I dinner

Wine & Dine @ Mout met Marc Josten

zaterdag 26 augustus 2023

ontmoet Marc Josten @ Sante boutique

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vrijdag 27 oktober 2023

food & wine experience


zaterdag 4 & zondag 5 november 2023

grote najaarsdegutatie


vrijdag 24 november 2023

food & wine experience


vrijdag 15 december 2023

nocturne met aanwezigheid van nittardi

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zaterdag 16 december 2023

ontmoet Leon Femfert @ Sante boutique

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