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'Santé Wines' is the young and dynamic wine business of the two top sommeliers Dries Corneillie and Benoît Couderé. Dries & Benoît share their own innovative selection of wines with great attention to sustainability and health. Santé stands for a top selection and a 'no-compromise' mentality, with experience and advice as the common thread.

About Benoît Couderé

Benoît lives with his wife Helene and four children Maxim, Lily, Stella and Arnaud in Sint-Andries, Bruges. In addition to his entrepreneurial ambitions and knowledge of wine, Benoît is a real family man.

Benoît was educated at Hotel School 'Ter Duinen' in Koksijde.
During his training he did an internship in the best restaurants in Europe including Le Bistrot d'Egyalières*, La Bonne Etape*, La Réserve de Beaulieu** and Restaurant Bruneau***.

Benoît then went to work at:

- Le Manoir Quatre Saisons as Maître d'Hôtel and sommelier

- Le Bistrot d'Egyalières ** as head sommelier

- Restaurant De Karmeliet *** as head sommelier (8 years)

In recent years, Benoît has gained a lot of experience in the retail sector. He knows the wine sector like no other.

Benoît did not give up and over the years he further expanded his wine expertise:

- Sommelier in French wines and spirits

- World wine master

- WSET level 3

- Vins de Benoît I at today Santé Wines

He was awarded several times for his work:

- Provincial winner Sommelier of the Year 2012

- 2nd Best sommelier of Belgium 2012-2013

- 2nd Best sommelier of Belgium 2014-2015

- Best Sommelier of Belgium 2015-2016

- Crystal Sommelier 2016

About Dries Corneillie

Dries is meticulous and very proactive, always working on the next step. But above all, he is an emotional person.

In addition to Santé Wines, Dries works as head sommelier in Restaurant de Jonkman**. He likes to maintain the link with gastronomy and thus has a broad view within the wine world and restaurant sector.

Dries received his training at Hotel School 'Ter Duinen' in Koksijde with a degree in 'beverage knowledge' at Ter Groene Poorte in Bruges. During his education he did an internship in fine catering establishments such as Salons Saint-Germain, De Steenen Haene and 't Notarishuys.

Dries then went to work at:

- Hertog Jan*** as head sommelier (6 years)

- Restaurant Boury** as sommelier

- Restaurant de Jonkman** as head sommelier (already 3 years)

Dries did not sit still all this time and was able to perfect his expertise:

- WSET level 3

- Finalist Sommelier of the Year 2015

- Young Sommelier Award of Excellence 2015

- 2nd Best sommelier of Belgium 2018-2019

- Winner Ruinart Sommelier Challenge 2019

- 2nd Best Sommelier of Belgium 2019-2020

- D.VINUM I with today the wine trade in Santé Wines

- ASI ' silver ' certified sommelier

- Best Sommelier of Belgium 2021-2022

- West Flemish Sommelier of the Year 2021

- Lecturer in wine courses Contemporary Flemish Wine Institute by Syntra West

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the DNA of Santé Wines

Santé stands for sounding friendly and being together among friends and family. Because that is what wine should offer us in the first place: conviviality. A good glass of wine brings people together and makes for the most interesting conversations.

Santé stands for festive sounding. When we celebrate something or someone, a beautiful glass of wine makes this special event complete.

Santé stands for much more than just sounding, santé stands for health ! Health is one of the basic values ​​for Benoit and Dries when selecting their exclusive selection of wines.
Healthy as in:
healthy viticulture , organic, biodynamic, etc.
respecting healthy trade between the winegrower and the end customer
respect for nature and tradition
sustainable and futureproof entrepreneurship with common sense

Benoît and Dries want to make a difference by using their years of expertise at the highest level of the Belgian sommelier world. Santé therefore offers an exceptional range of wines that are ready for the future.

Benoît and Dries have a common background, but at the same time they are two completely different personalities. Benoit is very creative, has 101 good ideas and knows how to get things done. Dries is extremely punctual, a realist pur sang and loves challenges. The combination of these two stubborn characters creates a complementary synergy and fireworks in the wine glass.

Benoit and Dries both worked at the highest level of the Belgian sommelier world and both won prestigious awards in their profession. They are both real 'wine freaks', but when it comes down to it they prefer a nice chat in good company with a nice glass of wine, sounding with the telling word: santé!