Meerhof is a domain with a rich history dating back to 1751 and is located on the 'Rheeboksfontein Farm'. Most grapes come from Swartland. In 2001 the new cellars were put into use, with a fantastic panoramic view. Since 2001, the domain has been owned by Koos and Erik Jansen van Landsburg. The winemaker Jaco Brand knows this region like the back of his hand and can tell a separate story about each vineyard.

    The wine production is Fairtrade certified, from the vineyard to the cellar. This means that people who work on the domain and who are less fortunate are helped with housing and that their children can enjoy a good education. Some of them have meanwhile graduated as oenologists themselves.

    The wine estate covers 130 hectares and can therefore produce enough volume from the basic cuvées, which are appreciated by sommeliers and wine bars worldwide. In addition, we also offer a number of special wines from the domain.

    Price-quality this wine range is more than worth it. health!

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