Assailly Ratafia Solera

Assailly Ratafia Solera

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Beautiful Ratafia, which is made far above the average fortified wines in this style such as Pineau de Charentes, Floc de Gascogne etc.

This Ratafia is produced rather atypically in wooden barrels located in the courtyard of the Assailly wine estate. Classically, such a barrel should be in the cellar, away from daylight and at a constant temperature. Due to exposure to light and especially the different weather conditions, this Ratafia ripens more quickly. The high quality of grape juice and alcohol used only ensures positive maturation and evolution. More oxidative aromas of dried almond, frangipane and raisins ensure much greater usability in various gastronomic dishes, rich cheeses, etc.


Domain: Champagne Assailly
Grape: chardonnay
Country: France
Region: Champagne
Wine style: sweet, Vin de Liqueur
Wine & food: blue cheese, tarte tatin, apricot tart
Serving temperature: 8°C
Storage: Consume < 10 years
Contents: 50 cl

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