Broadbent sercial 10 years

Broadbent sercial 10 years

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Madeira is an island belonging to Portugal located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is located 750 kilometers west of Africa and 850 kilometers from the southern coast of Portugal. The island is very unique due to its different soil types and also climatic changes during the different seasons. The harvest is done completely manually and this over several weeks (between mid-August and mid-October). The grapes are pressed, followed by fermentation in stainless steel vats. The fermentation stops after 7 days by adding pure alcohol. Afterwards there is a warming between 40 and 50 degrees for 3 months. This sercial goes partly on American and French oak barrels. These ripen according to the traditional Canteiro system. The wines are filtered before bottling. This Madeira is amber-colored with scents of fresh caramel, chocolate and sweet candy in the nose. In the mouth it is tight and dry at the start with a light caramel flavor in the finish. Serve in a nice glass at cellar temperature... Cheers!

Domain: Broadbent
Grape: sercial
Country: Portugal
Region: Madeira
Wine style: fortified wine
Wine & food: hard cheeses, smoked eel, sweet and sour Indian cuisine
Serving temperature: 14°C
Keep: consume for 25 years
Content: 75 cl

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