Cascina Adelaide Barolo 4 Vigne 2015

Cascina Adelaide Barolo 4 Vigne 2016

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Barolo, the king of wines. And what a king this '4 Vigne' by Cascina Adelaide is! This Barolo comes from four different vineyards with different soils, each of which contributes to this unique wine. The Nebbiolo grapes are rigorously selected and picked by hand. Afterwards, the small 20 kg wine baskets go to the cellar, where they remain in a dry cool room for 12 hours. The wine is then left in barrels for 300 hours for a maceration that gives this cuvée a lot of expression. Finally, the wine is aged for no less than 24 months in oak barrels and a further 6 months in bottle aging before being released on the market. Ripe blueberries, liquorice and plums on the nose. With the first sip, the rich character of blue forest fruits and peppers comes to the fore, in the aftertaste are velvety and elegant tannins. Not to mention the length of the finish. This great wine deserves a refined dish made with the same passion. Serve in a Burgundy glass and enjoy! health!

Domain: Cascina Adelaide
Grape: nebbiolo
Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Wine style: powerful red
Wine & food: roe, ossobucco, gorgonzola with fig salad, truffle pasta or beef stewed with red wine, delicacies from Piedmont
Serving temperature: 16°C
Store: consume < 15 years
Content: 75 cl

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