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Corte Sant'Alda Valpolicella 2020

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Valpolicella, the little brother of the world-famous amarone wines…
The time when Valpolicella was seen as the wine with 'the surplus' or what was not good enough for the Amarone, is long gone. Certainly at Corte Sant'Alda. This so-called 'basic' Valpolicella shines with its elegance, balance and finesse. Complex aromas of ripe red fruits and fresh black fruits are supported on the palate by velvety tannins and a very long finish. As Italian queen of biodynamics, Marinella Camerani leaves nothing to chance in winemaking, but still lets nature do its work. A fantastic domain with remarkable wines. We will be hearing a lot more about this domain. health!

Domain: Corte Sant'Alda
Grape: corvina, corvinone, rondinella
Country: Italy
Region: Valpolicella
Wine style: elegant red
Wine & food: meatballs in tomato sauce with mashed potatoes, lamb stew, spaghetti bolognese, cannelloni filled with vegetable ratatouille and Italian spice mix
Serving temperature: 14°C
Store: consume < 7 years
Content: 75 cl

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