Cseri Pannonhalmi irsai oliver 2023

Cseri Pannonhalmi irsai oliver 2023

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The family wine estate Cseri in Nyúl, near Győr in the Pannonhalma region, is led by Barnabás and his father Norbert, who together produce wines from both authentic grape varieties and cabernet sauvignon. Their wines have an excellent price-quality ratio and can compete with high-level wines worldwide.

Irsai oliver is an authentic grape variety from the Pannonhalma region and is known for wines with an expressive, lush bouquet full of aromas of elderflower, acacia, ripe grapefruit and lychee. On the palate, this wine is fresh and lively with juicy acidity, the lower alcohol content provides a lighter body and balance. Perfect for fresh salads or marinated seafood.

Domain: Pinceszet Cseri
Grape: irsai oliver
Country: Hungary
Region: Pannonhalma
Wine style: fresh white
Wine & food: sea bass ceviche, spicy preparation with noodles and prawn
Serving temperature: 10°C
Storage: Consume < 3 years
Contents: 75 cl

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