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David Girard & Aurore Dezat 'Evidence' 2020

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Cuvée Evidence is Aurore Dezat's prestige cuvée, which she makes with her husband David Girard on the family domain, founded by her grandfather at the time. The vineyards of the domain are characterized by the presence of limestone, clay and the well-known silex (flint) for the region. Aurore makes wines that represent all terroir factors of the region and grape, particularly pure and extremely balanced.

This Sancerre rouge is one of the top wines from Aurore & David and shows itself as a very complex pinot noir for the Sancerre region. This pinot noir charms many connoisseurs and loves pure and elegant cuisine on the plate! Health!

Domain: Domaine des Chasseignes
Grape: pinot noir
Country: France
Region: Sancerre, Centre-Loire
Wine style: fresh white wine
Wine & food: vegetarian quiche, steak tartare, veal rib
Serving temperature: 14°C
Storage: Consume < 7 years
Content: 75 cl

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