Domaine Bernard Gripa St Joseph Blanc 2022

Domaine Bernard Gripa St Joseph Blanc 2022

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The white Saint-Joseph from Bernard Gripa is made from a blend of 80% Marsanne and 20% Roussane grapes. The vineyards are located on soils rich in limestone and granite stones, which contribute to the unique characteristics of the wine. After the manual harvest, half of the wine is fermented and aged in thermally controlled stainless steel vats, while the other half is aged in wooden barrels. This method results in wines that are deep, intense and golden in color.

On the nose the wine offers aromas of peach, citrus and a subtle smoky touch. When tasting, the taste buds are pampered with ripe white stone fruit, fine acidity and a mouth-filling, long aftertaste. To fully enjoy this rich wine, we recommend serving it in a wide and fine wine glass. Make sure that the wine is not served too cold to allow all the aromas to emerge.

This white Saint-Joseph also has excellent aging potential, which will only make it more complex and interesting with age. Hello!

Domain: Bernard Gripa
Grape: Marsanne, Roussanne
Country: France
Region: Côtes du Rhône
Wine style: full white wine
Wine & food: monkfish with saffron risotto, warm lobster with herb butter, white creamy cheese
Serving temperature: 12°C
Storage: Consume < 10 years
Contents: 75 cl

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