Domaine de Valdition olijfolie Bouteillan

Domaine de Valdition olijfolie Bouteillan

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In addition to their vineyards, Domaine de Valdition has no less than 30 hectares of olive trees around 'Les Baux de Provence'. The olives are picked manually in the early morning around the beginning of October to mid-November. After picking, they are immediately cold pressed, which ensures a maximum amount of anti-oxidants. This olive oil is unique and is made from one olive variety, namely 'bouteillan'. An olive variety that originally comes from the Var region but also thrives perfectly in the Alpilles. In the nose we perceive aromas of fresh and green olives, fresh bread and a light cocoa. When tasting a light spicy undertone and some black truffle. This purified olive oil is a real pleasure with refined tapas or simply with a piece of baguette. This olive oil is therefore a must have on your table.

Domain: Domaine de Valdition
Olives: bouteillan
Country: France
Region: Provence, Les Baux de Provence
Quality level: first, cold pressing
Olive oil & food: pan con tomate, baguette, refined salads
Serving temperature: ambient temperature 18-25°C
Storage: 3 years
Content: 75 cl

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