Domaine du Chêne Léthé grenache rosé 2023

Domaine du Chêne Léthé grenache rosé 2023

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This rosé, made from the Grenache grape variety, shows Sylvain Ozil's expertise in producing refined and fresh wines from the south of France. Located in a region naturally protected by its geographical position, Domaine du Chêne benefits from a unique microclimate ideal for the cultivation of grapes with a fresh and distinct character. This natural protection contributes to the development of a rosé that offers both fresh and slightly floral nuances. At first taste, the Léthé Rosé shows subtle aromas of flowers and ripe white fruit, with an emphasis on the purity and freshness characteristic of the region's microclimate. In the glass, the wine presents itself with an attractive, light pink hue that makes a sunny day feel even more summery. Hello!

Domain: Domaine du Chêne
Grape: Grenache
Country: France
Region: Cevennes
Wine style: rosé wine
Wine & food: Niçoise salad, mackerel tartare, aperitif
Serving temperature: 12°C
Storage: Consume < 3 years
Contents: 75 cl

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