Jean Bourdy Vin de Paille 2015
Jean Bourdy Vin de Paille 2015

Jean Bourdy Vin de Paille 2015

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Vin de paille is the sweet wine of the house Jean Boudry. The savagnin and poulsard grapes are planted on gray marl soil and are picked manually. During the year, the vineyards are fully biodynamically cultivated. The grapes are dried for 4 months after picking. After pressing, about 12 liters of juice remains from 100 kg of grapes, which ensures a wine with a lot of intensity and a good level of sugar content. On the nose we have ripe notes of acacia honey, orange zest and pickled plums. On the taste especially ripe stone fruit, orange marmalade and a perfect balance between acids, with a sweet mouth-filling aftertaste.
This wine is only bottled in half bottles and is ideal with dessert and/or cheese. Serve at 12 degrees to fully enjoy its aromas. health!

Domain: Jean Boudry
Grape: savagnin, poulsard
Country: France
Region: Jurassic
Wine style: sweet wine
Wine & food: blue cheese, desserts with salted caramel, fruit salad
Serving temperature: 12°C
Store: consume < 20 years
Content: 37.5 cl

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