La Famille K le Père chardonnay 2022

La Famille K le Père chardonnay 2022

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The chardonnay 'Le Père' from La Famille K comes from the vineyards in the heart of the 'Pierres Dorées'. This wine has a round, mouth-filling structure, a particularly elegant aftertaste and also comes from organic grapes. This young wine estate managed to surprise us because all the wines show the true expression of the region in the glass. health!

Domain: La Famille K
Grape: chardonnay
Country: France
Region: Beaujolais
Wine style: full white wine, wood aging
Wine & food: sole 'meunière', crayfish with shellfish oil
Serving temperature: 12°C
Storage: consume < 3 years
Content: 75 cl

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