Manincor Mason Pinot Noir 2019
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Manincor Mason Pinot Noir 2019

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Mason is a small vineyard of only 4 hectares, south-facing, sun-drenched with a constant fresh wind and terraced with an altitude of 400 to 450 meters above sea level. The soil is very rocky and sandy with porphyry, gneiss and granite. The winemaking is done meticulously and completely manually. Each harvested batch of grapes is crushed separately after which spontaneous fermentation takes place in open, wooden barrels. Aging of 12 months in barriques of which only 1/10 new oak. After 12 months of maturation, the very best barrels are set aside for blending in the 'Mason di Mason', the pinnacle of this vineyard and unfortunately extremely rare. This unique pinot noir shows the authenticity and finesse that this grape can conjure up in your glass. This wine is definitely one of our favorites and is a nice alternative for red Burgundy fans. Italy at its best! Be careful, because we only have this wine available in limited quantities. We recommend enjoying this with a refined dish and pouring it into a wider glass. health!

Grape: Pinot Noir
Country: Italy
Region: Alto Adige
Wine style: elegant red
Wine & food: baked veal with early vegetables, pheasant, risotto with forest mushrooms
Serving temperature: 16°C
Store: consume < 10 years
Content: 75 cl

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