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Monteberg 'M' extra brut

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This Belgian bubble from the Monteberg wine estate is an absolute discovery. No less than 3 different grapes are used for this, so that we get the same quality every year. The grapes are all planted on the southern flank of the Monteberg in Dranouter. Like all vineyards, these are almost completely organically cultivated. Over the years, Edward and Katrien Six know better than anyone else how to select the best grapes for this fine home-grown sparkling wine. When tasting, we are spoiled in the nose with green apple, peach peel and some grilled almonds. When tasting, we get notes of apricot, hazelnut and agrum fruit, resulting in a refreshing and tight final. The fine sparkle stimulates your palate and is ideal as an aperitif. Place in the fridge for an hour before enjoying and serve in a flute glass. Let's sound! health!

Domain: domain Monteberg
Grape: auxerrois, chardonnay, kerner
Country: Belgium
Region: Hill Country
Wine style: party, Ostend creusen, aperitif
Wine & food: bubbles
Serving temperature: 8 °C
Storage: consume < 2 years
Content: 75 cl

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