Monteberg rondo/regent 2019

Monteberg rondo/regent 20/21

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The elegant red wine from domain Monteberg is a gem of our own soil. This wine is made with 2 grape varieties that thrive perfectly in our climate, namely Rondo and Regent. These are planted on the southern flanks of the Monteberg, which means that they undergo a perfect ripening. The vineyards are almost organically cared for, resulting in a wine that perfectly reflects its unique ironstone substrate. The Rondo provides the fruity character and the Regent provides a slightly spicy undertone. In the nose scents of small red forest fruits, cocoa and a light undertone of green pepper. When tasting, first a mouth-filling attack with ripe red fruits such as wild strawberries and raspberry. Afterwards some violet and again a refreshing pepper note. This fine and elegant wine has an aftertaste in which acids and tannins are nicely balanced. If you drink it young, we recommend pouring it into a wider glass. health!

Domain: domain Monteberg
Grape: rondo, regent
Country: Belgium
Region: Hill Country
Wine style: elegant red
Wine & food: Belgian beef with fresh fries, poultry, roast pork
Serving temperature: 16 °C
Store: consume < 5 years
Content: 75 cl

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