Schorpion Cuvée Houben Brut

Schorpion Cuvée Houben Brut

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This cuvée is named after Wilfried's wife, a kind of ode to her and her family. Cuvée Houben is made from no less than 4 grape varieties; chardonnay, pinot blanc, pinot gris and pinot noir that ripen a lot longer 'sur lattes' after the second fermentation. The vines are on a soil of loam, with lime and remains of fossils in the subsoil, we actually imagine ourselves in top Champagne terroir. The harvest is completely manual and almost exclusively by family members. Afterwards, the grapes are pressed very softly and this up to 4 times, the grapes that do not burst are the unripe ones, and are filtered that way. Afterwards, the juice goes to stainless steel barrels and its first fermentation starts, which Wilfried allows to ferment completely. Afterwards, the still wine is bottled together with an assembly of reserve wines and sugar and the second fermentation can start. In the nose we have pear, ripe stone fruit and citrus zest. When tasting we have a fresh start and a complex finish with flavors of conference pears, ripe apricot and something nutty. This méthode traditionelle is rich and can be combined as an aperitif, but certainly also with something tasty from our North Sea. This has been at the top of Belgian viticulture for years. Serve in a fine flute glass and enjoy! This Cuvée Houben is a small home-grown production that is more than worth the effort. Health!

Domain: Scorpion
Grape: Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir
Country: Belgium
Region: Haspengouw
Wine style: bubbles
Wine & food: aperitif, seafood platter, ray crostini, dogfish with seasonal vegetables or just to sound festive
Serving temperature: 8°C
Storage: consume for 5 years
Content: 75 cl

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