Terres de Velle Bourgogne Auxey-Duresses les Hautés 2021

Terres de Velle Bourgogne Auxey-Duresses les Hautés 2021

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The small vineyard 'Les Hautés' falls just outside the commune of Meursault and has an average age of 60 years and is oriented to the east. Due to the specific location of this vineyard, this Auxey-Duresses shows the best of both worlds of the typical, rich and round expression of Chardonnay, while at the same time very elegant and fresh acidity and minerality. This wine from old chardonnay vines is a fantastic wine at a price that is still accessible for Burgundy. Its soft floral aromas in the nose and long aftertaste in the mouth ensure a wide gastronomic applicability and is able to delight many gourmets.
Vinification and aging in barrique oak for about 15 months, minimum batônnage.

Domain: Terres de Velle
Grape: chardonnay
Country: France
Region: Burgundy

Wine style: full white
Wine & food: fried scallops, langoustine, sole meunière, veal sweetbread
Serving temperature: 12 °C
Store: consume < 6 years

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