Thierry Drouin La Côte Dorée Saint-Véran 2022

Thierry Drouin La Côte Dorée Saint-Véran 2022

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The world-famous wines of Saint-Véran represent accessible and often affordable Southern Burgundy. The self is relatively large and is divided into two large 'islands' on the slope of the Solutré Mountains. The base of this ridge consists of hard limestone from the Jurassic era, while the western, steeper slopes contain a combination of gray marl. The Cuvée Côte Dorée comes from the very steep stretches of vineyard of the highest quality, which far exceeds the average quality of Saint-Véran. The fermentation of this fine juice takes place partly in stainless steel and partly in wooden barrels. This ensures a fresh and crispy start in the nose and mouth, but soon a balanced and mouth-filling mid-structure. Superb wine for Burgundy lovers, extremely complex and in harmony.

Domain: Thierry Drouin
Grape: Chardonnay
Country: France
Region: Burgundy
Wine style: full white
Wine & food: grilled cauliflower with fried langoustine and Dijonaisse, Sole Meunière
Serving temperature: 12 °C
Storage: Consume < 8 years

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