RED fruit jenever 70 cl
RED fruit jenever 70 cl
RED fruit jenever 70 cl

RED fruit jenever 70 cl

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Fruit jenever based on the best red fruits of Hesbaye - grown near the Fryns distillery.

Taste this unique genever based on fresh red fruits. Experience the full character of cherry, the finesse of strawberry and the delicious acidity of raspberry. Enjoy this balanced blend with the right sweetness. That is why this FRYNS Red is ideal as a base for cocktails.

Forget the refined sugars, artificial colors and flavors. This fruit jenever is made from fresh fruit. The natural flavors and colors of these fruits are preserved thanks to the technique of maceration. To bring out the natural flavors even more, small amounts of malt wine are added.

Discover the signature cocktails with this fruit jenever

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