Santé Gin 50 cl

Santé Gin 50 cl

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As top sommeliers, we also like other drinks besides wine, such as Gin...

The Gin market is gradually becoming oversaturated, but with this project we tried to go back to the essentials. A Gin as it should be and to taste with citrus and juniper as a starting point. In collaboration with the already acclaimed 'Bruges Gin Society' we chose to use only FRESH bergamot and FRESH kafi lime, juniper and cardamom. Using fresh citrus fruits and an unusually large amount of essential oils, our gin is an extraordinary bomb of purity and elegance.

Each bottle is very unique, because we can only buy our fresh citrus once a year.

The Santé gin serves you the essence of a good gin: the perfect and delicate balance between tasty full-bodied herbs and the obligate fresh aroma of several limes such as kaffir. Conceived by two top sommeliers with multiple Michelin star experience, Benoît Couderé and Dries Corneillie, this no-compromise gin was created and distilled by the award-winning trio of the Bruges Gin Society.

'Santé gin' is a registered trademark


truly wine



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