Thierry Drouin Les Vieux Puits Macon-Bussières 2022

Thierry Drouin Les Vieux Puits Macon-Bussières 2022

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Macon-Bussières, the first clear slope of the Southern Mâconnais region. The steep slopes of this accessible appellation reach heights of 250-350 metres. The vineyards of Thierry Drouin are all North and Northwest oriented, this ensures chardonnay wines that feel slightly finer, fresher and slimmer for Southern Burgundy. This Macon-Bussières is therefore easy to use at different places/moments at the table because of its refreshing acidity and rather lighter body. The alcoholic fermentation continues completely on stainless steel to preserve the fresher fruit.

Domain: Thierry Drouin
Grape: Chardonnay
Country: France
Region: Burgundy
Wine style: full white
Wine & food: fried cod with spinach, fillet of guinea fowl with green herb sauce
Serving temperature: 12 °C
Storage: Consume < 5 years

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